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Ketu Shanti Puja Online



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Ketu is a distinctive planet which moves in an anti-clockwise direction, and thus always remains in retrograde motion. This aspect is said to denote the karmic bondage, that is, the effects of the good and bad deeds of the past lives. Like other planets, he does not also own any zodiac sign and acts merely as a representative of the lord of the flag, in which he is placed at the time of birth of an individual. People can perform this pooja, and the seek the blessings of this mighty planet for coming out of difficulties in life, for attaining mastery over their professions and vocations, and for living a life of excellence and good reputation. Ketu is the Gnyana Karaka, the lord of wisdom, which he usually bestows after subjecting people to robust trials and tribulations. Ketu is thus said to denote the wrong deeds or the negative Karma of the past lives and their resultant hardships. Though a dominant planet, he is malicious. However, beyond all these, he represents the supreme goal of life, which is Moksha, the ultimate liberation. He can hence gift one with spiritual orientation and advancement. Still, Ketu need not be taken as ‘all-spiritual and no-material.’ People can please him through Ketu pooja, and get relieved of his adverse effects and the resultant difficulties, diseases, misfortunes, and sorrows. Ketu pooja can hence provide devotees with good health, wealth and all-round prosperity.

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Kapil Sharma Brijwasi
  • Uttar Pardesh, India

Kapil Sharma Brijwasi is a renowned astrologer in Brij dham. He has an experience of more than 10 years in Vedic astrology. H ...

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